The Social Health Dept

Our department is essentially responsible for the Mental Health and Addictions programming and service delivery, this includes referrals, and counselling. I have executive Assistant who is Josie Beneun Pone. I also advocate and support Innu clients dealing with Child Youth and Family Services.
I am responsible of a $3,224062.00 under the Social Health that consists the mental wellness and addiction programming of Sheshatshiu members. Two separate programs for Adults and Youth:

Ruben Pillay is the manager of the youth services under these three program areas. He is the administrator and manager of these program areas. He reports to me directly. These programs include: Group Home; Safehouse and CYN which include NAYSPS

The Dept consist of :


A-Base Funding:

Mental Health (BF)
Mental Health (BHC)
Crisis Intervention
Solvent Abuse

Some other areas and functions that I perform and support through Committee:





Department Director: Jack Penashue

Department Contact: (709) 497-8522.